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Our RCI line of engines are the most powerful gasoline engines offered in the marine industry.  All engines come with the experience of many world and national titles in many racing arenas. Complete with your own private DYNO session where you can learn and understand the real power your engine has… all comes standard with our customers.      

RaceCrafters Inc. exclusively uses MoTeC Engine Management and Data Acquisition Systems. This gives the end user the ultimate flexibility
while retaining the highest level of efficiency and reliability. The MoTeC Engine Management ECU processes signals and modifies the fuel and ignition to match the requirements of the engine up to 33,000 times per second. Using Engine Temperature, Air Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Manifold Pressure and Fuel Pressure sensors, Racecrafters Inc. is able to use the MoTeC to provide a consistently tuned engine even as atmospheric conditions change. State of the art Coil Per Cylinder ignition provides individual cylinder timing control and increased ignition output which is unparalleled in the industry. Racecrafters Inc. uses MoTeC's Digital Backlit LCD Display to provide the driver with information about the engine so there is no need for a cluttered array of analog gauges on your dashboard. Information is digitally transmitted from the ECU or other sensors in the boat such as Drive Position, Trim Position and GPS and can be custom configured on the Display to suit the customer's requirements. Unlike other digital display devices, the MoTeC ADL does not wash out, meaning you can still clearly read the display even in direct sunlight and at angles other than 90 degrees. As new technology enters the Marine industry, such as drive by wire, shift by wire as well infinitely variable cam timing Racecrafters and MoTeC will remain at the cutting edge as current MoTeC Hardware and software is available to provide these features to customers today.


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RCI model 1400e/1600e/1800e

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