Our Services


RaceCrafters Inc offers a complete line of services for your powerboat:                

Rigging and installation... “We were speechless. Everywhere we looked, we saw superlative engineering and superior quality parts.”   HOT BOAT magazine June '02.


Our ingenuity once again is featured in April's HOT BOAT Magazine with another RaceCrafters specimen, a 25’ Talon. If your dream is to be set apart from the typical boat, RaceCrafters Inc will get the job done.                                                            


We utilize two different types of dynamometer, inertia and hydro-brake. We are now building our first state-of-the-art completely portable dyno. This gives the ability to run and test your boat anywhere. Consultation is available before, during, and after your power plant is installed.   Details in rigging will set your performance boat apart from the the rest and your boat will perform more efficiently, this starts in the beginning with our survey to inform our customers of exactly what to expect in performance.